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Bart Vandeput is an intermedia artist who works in the interdisciplinary creation of audio/video installations to deepen our relation to the content created by human and (computer-controlled) machines and the attitude from the visitors to that content and the projection.


Movement as artistic research in the field of tension between human (nature) and machines (analoge/digital).
Create by wandering (in) between technologies and (real) life. 
Questioning the end of things and thoughts.
A digital wanderer.


In his installations, he uses a range of media technologies like computers, 3d/infrared cameras, sensors and other hardware.


He studied visual arts (1993-1997) and graphic design – multimedia (1997-1999) at Sint-Lukas College of Art and Design in Brussels, now: LUCA School of Arts.
He lives and works in Brussels.


Name: bio b019
Created date: 29 Mars 1973
Kind: human
Keywords: digital wanderer, intermedia artist, web & graphic designer, developer, b0yy
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