Status: ONGOING PROJECT: Audiohouse II • The End of Trans[m]it

Audiohouse II • The End of Trans[m]it • b017

A lighthouse

… is the (not so) fixed point of light in the night sea and land,
… tries to hold its ground against the sea with perseverance,
… casts its constantly revolving light on the horizon of the nocturnal sea and land,
… as the almost certain (human), against the sea as the almost uncertain (nature), or is it the other way round? … sheds a light on that fluctuating sea to set us on edge or blind us,
… marks the beginning and/or end of sea and land,
… illuminates and obscures the transition (in)between sea and land.

A sea

… has a great perseverance, fluidity, uncertainty and flux.
… is continuous and constant changing.
… as the almost certain (nature), opposite to the lighthouse as the almost uncertain (human), or is it the other way around?
… puts us fluctuating out of focus
… begins and/or ends at a land, and possible a lighthouse,
… reflects and absorbs a part of the light during day and night.


An interactive audio installation (audiohouse) that is simultaneously random (uncertain) and focused (certain).

A fixed point in a place (lighthouse) that throws its continuously revolving focused audio beam on every corner of that place and the visitors who are in it. In a random manner, following (tracking) every now and then the face of a certain selected visitor (in transit).

The audio is a sea recording that constantly evolves, mixed with received radio transmissions and samples of voices when a visitor is tracked by the transmitted audio beam. A ‘pirate radio’ (transmitting) from the far ‘sea’ that layers its transmissions and voices over the sea recording. Voices that are words/phrases from substantiated audio samples of people in transit(ion), visitors, travelers, wanderers, …

A ‘pirate’ radio as a lighthouse that receives radio waves and, layered on top of sound samples from the sea, emits them directly as a broadcast sound beam onto that particular exhibition space (floor, walls, ceiling) and onto the tracked visitors.

We are day and night blinded and ‘over-layered’ by the flux of everyday life as a ‘sea’ of false and true, news, social-media, radio, image, audio, video, …, everything that takes us out of, or into the wrong, focus.

Let’s ‘pirate’ (end), put a light (lighthouse) on that blinding flux (sea) with a focused audio beam, put us back on focus or rather not?

Questioning the possible (non-)end of things and thoughts.

“The end of Trans[m]it” does not mean the end of … but questioning the possibilities and the possible end of that particular thing or that particular thought.

This questioning, as an in between statement for a possible final or open proposal, precisely to provoke new reactions.

It is about transit as transmit and transmit as transit. A state and/or being between two or more beacons in an open, wide place.

Between the two beacons, visitor and installation, there is air through which the audio moves.

“Audiohouse” as a beacon in transmitting with, and navigate a human (beacon) in transit.

Name: Audiohouse II • The End of Trans[m]it b017
Created date: 2017 – ongoing*
Caption: *An upturn interactive audio installation that originated as "Audiohouse - Gitmohouse" and first saw the light of day as a prototype in 2011.
Reprogrammed and reborn as "Audiohouse II • The End of Trans[m]it" in winter 2017. Waiting for the last finish, to be exhibited.
Kind: Interactive audio installation:
software: Max/MSP/Jitter + Arduino,
hardware: Mini-computer + camera + Arduino + directional speaker + pan & tilt motor (+ radio receiver + antenna to broadcast if possible in that particular space)
Keywords: lighthouse, sea, audio, transmit, transit, refugees, (radio), data, privacy, politics
Content Creator: recorded and founded samples (+ radio broadcasts if possible in that particular space)
Used dates: waiting to be exhibited