The End ov 32-bit • y2k38 • b970








This website runs on a 64bit server, and by that will survive the y2k38 bug.
“On January 19, 2038, UNIX-based programs and UNIX-like operating systems will run out of time. To be more precise, at 3:14:07 GMT, UNIX will be exactly 1 billion seconds old. Many see this as a milestone, but from a technical point of view, this can mean disaster for computer programs and systems around the world.”

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Name: The End ov 32-bit • y2k38 b970
Created date: 1 January 1970
Kind: UNIX 32-bit bug
Keywords: y2k38, y2038, 2038, 32-bit bug, Year 2038 Bug, UNIX-based programs, UNIX-like operating systems
Content Creator: Unix 32-bit
Used dates: 19 January 2038, 03:14:07